You’ll find only the finest cuts of tender, succulent meat in our butchery. Beef, chicken, lamb, pork - no matter what you’re craving, it’s waiting in a Plus Store near you.



Our top-class bakers are constantly whipping up fresh goodies for you to enjoy. Whether you’re planning to assemble The World’s Best Sandwich or if you’re looking for a batch of soft rolls to round out your Sunday braai, our bakery’s got you covered.



Run out of shampoo? Dirty laundry piling up, and you’ve just realised there’s no detergent in the house? On the hunt for a bag of jelly babies? We stock all the items you need to keep your home running without a hitch, and everything in between. We’re always here for you!



Keen to grab some grub on the go? We offer a variety of delicious snack and meal options, created using the highest-quality ingredients. Even the heartiest of hungers is sure to find satisfaction on our varied take-away menu.


Why our store is a PLUS!

At Plus Stores, we’re dedicated to delivering an outstanding, convenient shopping experience to our customers. “Superior quality at a superior price” is the motto we live by, and everything we offer - our butchery, our bakery, our take-away menu and our grocery section - is geared towards upholding that ideal.

Friendly, well-trained staff are always readily available to assist you in having the most pleasant time possible while perusing the aisles of Plus Stores. Our mission is to ensure that you always leave us with a satisfied smile on your face.