● Our fantastic bakery is stocked daily with freshly-baked breads and other tasty goodies.

● The Plus Stores butchery offers an extensive range of top-quality meats. Whether you’re planning a braai or cooking dinner at home, you’ll find a wide selection of various cuts of beef, chicken and more on our shelves.

● Our take-away menu is ripe with excellent, affordable, hand-made meals and snacks that’ll vanquish even the most powerful of hungers and cravings. We use only the best ingredients in the food we prepare, so you can be sure it’ll be delicious every time.

● Any and all of your daily grocery needs can be satisfied in the aisles of Plus. We’re always well stocked with all the conveniences you require.

● The friendly, well-trained staff of Plus Stores are happy to assist with your every need.


“Plus is the best. They’re friendly and the food they prepare is excellent. Definitely recommended!” - Andrew


“It’s become my go-to supermarket. Plus has everything I need, and their prices are very competitive.” - Nhlanhla


“Forget the competition, Plus has everything I need at a great price!” - Cynthia


“I recommend Plus to everyone. I often find it’s the most affordable shop I visit, and their take-aways are SO GOOD.” - Thandeka